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Kevin Fang's Blog Posts

FOP, the pre-orientation orientation (1/30 @ MIT)

“Did you do an FPOP?” Me: “Yeah, I did FOP” “Wait FLP?” Me: “No, F-O-P. The outdoors program.” “Oh”   FPOPs:  FPOPs are pre-orientation camps that are optional for prefrosh. The number of times I had this conversation is astounding. Few people know about what I did the week…

Parsing Shorthand Dictionary with RMagick and RTesseract [Ruby]

Ruby Wrappers: RMagick, RTesseract (image manipulation and image recognition respectively) You can Google how to install those gems.   Here was an example page of the dictionary. The shorthand translation was pretty much adjacent to the English word.

Here is what each # does. Loads the image This is where…

Force Selenium to not load images [Ruby]

Sometimes it is unnecessary to load images in my selenium scripts. It takes time for the images (especially large ones) to load and messes up my sleep functions. Here’s how to prevent it from loading. There are more options and it’s listed in the All Profile Options link. :P