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Zombie Apocolypse

So I saw a friend playing a zombie game, as usual, a first person shooter where every zombie spawns new ammo boxes (yes!) and more gold to buy weapons that are conveniently located on wall.

The more I think about it, the more interesting the idea of zombies are, however, not the game.


So how could you become a zombie?

Well the best bet for a zombie apocalypse to occur is a virus that infiltrates the brain and rewires the brain to: eat flesh, walk in a funny way, and get rid of pain. Which as it turns out, is quite possible. This would be an airborne virus and most likely will spread really quickly (unless contained by the government, but oh wait, the government does nothing!) If it was like rabies, no one would get infected because after they bite victim they would just devour them. Now if I became a zombie right now, I would start looking for flesh. Why would I go for uninfected humans? Humans are humans, and they taste around the same (I think, since we generally don’t taste human flesh)… So they would mostly likely go for the closest person, which turns out to be another zombie (because that zombie will be going for the nearest person), so that gives you enough time for you to escape, and a few dead zombies.


So if there if there is ever a zombie apocolypse, I’ll just let the zombies kill each other, while I try to not get infected.купить перчатки для зимней рыбалки в украинеsms отзывыДанильченко Юрий Брониславович Харьковdebica производительчугунный казанЗима отдых

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