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What time is it?

When I go outside of my house, I always bring my watch. I don’t know why I do it, but I still do it.

So when people see you wearing a watch, they will – sooner or later (the latter is the best) – What the time is currently. My reply is usually “It is time for you to get a watch.” especially to those people who ask like every 5 minutes (its more annoying than “are we there yet?”). However, I still tell them the time, mostly just the time, but sometimes I encrypt the time with math or other nonsensical stuff for my own amusement.

As a swimmer, you always want to get done with practice. It is grueling, long, and painful. But lately my teammates got mad of me because of the new philosophy I have taken. ROUND THE TIME TO THE NEAREST 10/15 MINUTES. This is so much more simple and much more logical.

Not everything is synchronized

Since most electronics have a clock to tell time, that is where I will begin my explanation. Not all the electronics are connected to the internet, or to other devices, so therefore it is impossible to make sure that every single time is the exact same.

But my device is synchronized with the atomic clock in [Name place here]

When you try syncing time between two devices, a problem will occur (especially if the connection between those devices are wireless). For the devices to share time with each other, one needs to first send a time. But the transfer of data between those devices are inconsistent, so it will never match exactly.


Blah, blah, blah…..

Anyway, usually when people ask me: “What time is it?”

I have two replies:

“It is time for you to get a watch.”
“Time is relative, so stop asking me questions and go wear a watch.”

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