My future career was very clear to me when I was very young, to become a police officer. You seemed to hold a lot of respect, take out the bad guys, and wear awesome hats. But now, being pushed into the ‘real’ world, where everything that happens get put into serious debate, and the news broadcasters just love to pick on police officers.

Death is a tricky subject, because by ending someone’s (or something’s) life is like taking an unripe apple off a tree. You will never ever know what that apple could’ve tasted like. And the only way to determine that apple’s potential deliciousness is to eventually taste the remaining apples still on the tree.

So, when I look at a policemen’s job, this is what I see.

I’m just happy that there are still police officers, because I see less pros than cons…


Awesome uniform
Get to protect your country (But joining the Navy, Army, or Air Force has more pros)
Save people



Can’t shoot at any living thing without getting into lawsuits,=== more like === everything you do is scrutinized, and people complain.
Is usually taking fire from the enemy (very deadly)
Low salary
Constantly stressed (Not enough police officers to cover an area)


Oh, I forgot to mention…. The government spends so much money on other things, but NOT SOCIAL SERVICES… Being a police officer (especially in the big cities) is a high-risk job (which the risk of injury much higher than a lot of jobs), and deserve more than the tiny share they earn for keeping us safe. (Also regarding firemen)…


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