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Morning Practice

“SSPZZZP!” The tiny black box came to life, its’ screen illuminated once again. Outside the night still lurked on, enjoying coolness of the wind. A person, barely visible in the darkness, slowly came to life, turning his head toward the ceiling, staring at the big red numbers projected on the ceiling “5:03.” The alarm, on the other side of the room, began its symphony, pumping its’ speakers to the tune of the latest pop song.


That’s how I start my Monday and Wednesday’s, awakened by the droning of the alarm clock. But be fair, some of my friends even have Friday morning practice, which I don’t understand how they can get through the week without being dead with energy. I’m usually dead by 4th period on those days :)

But this does allow for 15 hours of swimming a week (without swimming on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday), which hopefully will help me swim faster.

Anyway, practice in the morning isn’t too bad (compared to the afternoon), and the view of the night sky is quite pretty.

So if you’re waking up early, here’s some suggestions (that might help):

Don’t eat to much… Maybe just a banana (to prevent cramps?) and carbohydrates?
Get to practice on time, getting there early is just stupid.
Don’t drink cold stuff right when you wake up, the warmer the better.

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