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Google Directory API

Google’s Admin SDK developer webpages are very confusing…

Google Groups API & Directory API Requirements:

Apparently to use any API, you must be using google apps for Business, Education, or Non-Profit. There must also be a valid domain name under that account. Having a group ending with “” will give you errors.



Make sure that you can demo the process, in the ‘try it’ section of most of the (not very helpful) ‘reference’ pages (ex. HERE)



My suggestion is python, mainly because there is already an API that you can find and download easily. (Eclipse has a great plugin)

PythonDirectoryAPISC (My have some weird characters in it, has something to do with tabbing, just delete them if you see them)


Other Maybe helpful Tips:


Need client_secrets.json (From Google Apis Console)

Set Scopes (** It’s for python  and only for directory API**)

service = build(‘admin’, ‘directory_v1’, http=http)

Import statements matter


Here is my preliminary source code:



To access the real (very helpful) directory API reference (like what functions and correct spelling etc.), the file is:

(This took a ridiculous long time to find, since google just kept on redirecting me to the same webpages, and I kept on getting errors)


Comment if you have questions and I’ll try to help!

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