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iOS 7

I just got iOS 7 for my iPad, and I really enjoyed it. Here are my thoughts to what I think of the new operating system.


As a User:

Finally a change in it :)

The colors are too white compared to iOS 6, and the sudden change was a huge shocker!

Animation is awesome, the motion perfectly matches my space theme (apparently space themes match perfectly with your lockscreen/homescreen, maybe it’s just space in general), the zooming in is something that just makes me smile every time I open an app :)

The are finally making control center and folders better. I used to have to jailbreak to get the tweaks that allowed for control center (and folders) and they would just slow down and crash (not fun at all). However that was still better than no control center for me. I like how apple intergrates the ideas from the jailbreak tweek makers to their own iOS, but I wish they would do it faster, instead of waiting for a new big operating system (like iOS6 notification center), but it’s just marketing. Anyway this new integration is a big :) for me.


As a Developer:

iOS 7’s new design is a big yes for me. Graphics are THE most annoying thing about a program, and takes careful planning and a lot of adjustments, especially with the shading. Now with the new flat look, making the app look professional is so much simpler. No need to gloss up your UIButton, and add the shading to look 3-D. A simple (flat) color matches perfectly with the iOS as a whole, so it’s perfect!

SpriteKit!!!! For all you non-programmers out there, most of the best games have physics simulation, and that usually means having to find a physics engine to simulate it. But now Apple FINALLY has native physics engine so yay! (And their help documents are getting better)как выехать в германию из украиныкупить тур выходного днятопкаргореклама на googleрецепты с блендером фотокупить беларусские двери в москве

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