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Off Season for Swimming

As a year-long swimmer, there’s really no breaks. Every single day there is a grueling practice. Compared to other sports, swimming requires the most commitment. If you take a break from swimming, even just one week, you lose the feel the water,  and it takes like one week to get back in shape.

Even during winter break we had a swimming (Christmas Eve practice & New Years Practice), in the outdoor pool too…

So I’m so thankful that every year, we have one two-week break from swimming. No swimming, no dry land. It is the best and worst thing of my life. It feels nice and I LOVE not feel tired all the time. But on the other hand, I don’t feeling like eating anything, and I know in a few more days, I will have to start back process of getting back into the water. I am not looking forward to that. Though.

So I haven’t been swimming for around five days, and there’s no school too now. My time is so plentiful, that I’m amazed that I can actually do other things. I can finally play piano again!


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