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Recently, I have been introduced into this wonderful thing… Reddit.

What is Reddit?

From Wikipedia : Reddit is an entertainment, social networking service and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links.

And my review: Plain Awesomeness…

It is a mix of news and funny posts, put together to keep you entertained. If that wasn’t enough, the comments on those threads are hilarious.

The site is split into categories called subreddits, which filter the content, so people who like League of Legends (me!) can read that news without being bothered of cute cat pictures…

The amount of knowledge is surprisingly dense, with explanations (explainlikeimfive) that help people understand complicated topics, interviews (ama) which members can ask questions that the interviewee can answer and today I learned (til) cool facts or info. One could get a full gist of what happened in the world just by reading the threads.

I’m finding that the time I spent looking on reddit has steadily increased, actually surpassing my time browsing, which isn’t that surprising, as I’m constantly finding new Subreddits to indulge myself on. The content on reddit is more in depth and has subjects much more suited to my taste than what Youtube has to offer (but it is a different medium since the knowledge that can be taught in a video has to be dumbed down as there is less filtering in Youtube and a extremely in depth video would most likely not be played, maybe I’m wrong about that?) And since my summer is pretty boring right now, there hasn’t been much work that is hindering the progress.

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