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If one is invisible, does one exist?

Sometimes we all want to become invisible, to hide away from all the world or maybe to pull pranks off without the worry of being caught. It would be an interesting life one would have if one could be invisible.

Before we get to the fun questions of being invisible — like how would the food digest, or would it just ‘appear’ to be floating and slowly being broken down by invisible acids? — it assumes that you are already invisible and have your basic functions (seeing, movement).

First off, what is the definition of invisible? : unable to be seen; not visible to the eye. But I’m going to go one step further of “not being able to be seen, using direct or indirect methods.” To become invisible… from the ENTIRE electromagnetic light spectrum (not just the visible portion). That means that no light can be reflected, absorbed, or created (I don’t know how you could create visible light naturally) from your body. Now usually when we think of invisibility, we think of that no light can be reflected from out body, which could happen, like glass. But glass, like all matter in general, can’t be truly invisible (notice the green tint?), and we absorb light as well. Also when we ‘see’ something, we are absorbing light, and therefore, there will be a slight shadow on the ground where your eyes would’ve cast a shadow. So it is not “true” invisibility. Okay, so what if I have eye shadows (haha get it? I don’t.)? It just make the pranks even more hilarious!

If you were invisible, you wouldn’t be able to do anything (see, touch, hear) without leaving behind a trace of yourself, not to mention smell. So your best bet would just to create a machine that allows you to warp 3D space, so after pulling off a prank, you can just disappear to a location far away.все для рыбалки интернет магазинкакой компьютер лучше для игртопкаргомакияж дневнойхороший игровой ноутбуксправки в бассейн с доставкой

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