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Can It Guess Your Age?

Oh man. Only 6 questions and it somehow magically guessed it. It is dark magic. Impossible! Right?

No, but I like how these questions really target the people (deep down). It really does make people happy. It reconfirms their own beliefs of themselves (which is terrible if you ever want to progress). I sometimes do it just to reconfirm my views on whether I’m a fan or not of a particular show, or that I’m best suited to be the Aang. It is the perfect example of the

These questionnaires are really easy to manipulate (because answer choices usually polar opposites of each other). But people are like “I’ve never seen these things be right…But somehow they actually got my age right!”. Well, statistically saying, there will be a percentage of people who do, in fact get an age approximately close to their actual age. I could just have well have the questions before hand have 0 impact on the generated age, and some people will still get the ‘answer'((Now if it was an age, I would choose the average age of the internet Facebook user, which (I think) would be in the teens 16-20)). And since as the number of people who take the ‘quiz’ go up (because of social media), there will be a increase in the people who got their age guessed correctly.

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