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Apps of a high school student

What apps are on my iPad? More than 10 I know for sure. But here are the top 10 list that I like and use (for school).



QuickHW – Okay I’m a bit biased here. I made my own Homework app for students that just need a quick reminder and are not super OCD about knowing exactly when stuff is due. It’s quick and a simple reminder to keep me on my A game. (

Notability – Best note taking app out there. Using it since middle school. Bit expensive now (but it’s totally worth the price). (

LiquidText – Annotating has become a breeze. LiquidText makes PDF markups so simple. There’s even board to place your quotes on to create a ultimate summary. (I used it for History and English books because of the Search functionality and the ability to organize book quotes!) (

Google Drive/Docs – You have to type. And Google Docs allows me to simultaneously type in the SAME document as my classmates, allowing us to create a document together. (



SpanishDict / Pleco / – Depending on what language you are learning. These three apps (Spanish, Chinese, English) got you covered. They are easy to use and have made my life so much easier. ( ||  ||

Quizlet – What is school without memorization? The database of cards is endless. (

Kindle – If you don’t need to annotate, use the Kindle app for reading. Whether it’s an actual E-Book or a PDF textbook. Kindle is easy to use and even has bookmarks!(



Recordings Pro – Have a tune or melody you want to record? This app is great for it! Especially nice when recording impromptus! –However if you don’t want to spend money Recordium is pretty good. (  ||

Spotify – Music is awesome, and Spotify on my iPad is a life saver. (

Just Because:

MyRadar – I’m a swimmer, and knowing when it is going to thunder makes me happy inside. (Practice canceled! Whoot!)(


Going Over

Of course, some teachers use apps that are specific to one class and one class only. They are great apps by themselves, but having multiple apps for each teacher is just not the way to go…

And built in Mail, Safari/Chrome and Messages are indispensable.керамические сковородки отзывыдвери ригионов москваДанильченко Юрий БрониславовичОлександр Васильович Фільчаковнасосная станция маринаФильчаков прокуратура харьков

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