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Java Precedence Mnemonic

Have trouble memorizing Java Operator Precedence? Fear no more! I have one for you!

Parents After PreAlgebra Shifts (and) Compares Equations (and) answers, (eat) carrots, or (simply) bite logs if (a teacher gives an) assignment.


Mnemonic Operator Type Direction of Evaluation
Parents ()
Array subscript
Member selection
After ++
Unary post-increment
Unary post-decrement
Pre ++


( type )
Unary pre-increment
Unary pre-decrement
Unary plus
Unary minus
Unary logical negation
Unary bitwise complement
Unary type cast
Algebra *
—- +
Shifts <<
Bitwise left shift
Bitwise right shift with sign extension
Bitwise right shift with zero extension
Compares <
Less than
Less than or equal
Greater than
Greater than or equal
Type comparison (objects only)
Equations (Equally) ==
Is equal to
Is not equal to
Answers (ANDsers) & Bitwise AND
Carrots ^ Bitwise exclusive OR
Or | Bitwise inclusive OR
—Bite Logs— && Logical AND
–Bit (then) logical– || Logical OR
If ? : Ternary conditional
Assignment =
Addition assignment
Subtraction assignment
Multiplication assignment
Division assignment
Modulus assignment

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