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Death is one of the few unknown subjects that we all know about. Yet it is one of the perfect analogies with communication.

Once dead, communication to this universe ends, never again able to interact with the environment. Never again able to talk with other people.

So that means when you leave someone (without contact information), someone who is starting a new life elsewhere, it is the homogeneous to if that someone had died. But we don’t think of it as that, we think of it as a trip and we will eventually meet them again (in the future). Which we associate with that once we die, we will see our loved ones again.

All those people I’ve seen before, met somewhere at a festival or a bus stop, never to be seen again, faces that will disappear from my memory, are they dead to me? Because surely, if I see them again, their personalities would’ve definitely changed, and would seem like a entirely different person…

Now with technology, we are able to communicate even when we are far away, making the world a tiny bit smaller. And it is somewhat correlated to the progress of artificial intelligence and the possibility of ‘capturing’ consciousness after our bodies are unable to supply us.

I feel like that’s how we think of parting, a trip to a new frontier, but in a sense, it is exactly what happens. Especially back then, when a trip across the country to find cheap land would separate families forever.


Taking a leap forward, I think that life is all about communication, and without it, we are nothing.

So talk, communicate, because that is what you will miss when you part.односторонний открытый синус лифтингнаписать смс бесплатно теле2Данильченко Юрий ХарьковОлександр Васильович Фільчаковvitodens 100-wдемо счет бинарные опционы

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