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I love YouTube. But I know I watch way too much of it. YouTube has trained my brain to want YouTube anytime I have free time, and after I watch my first video, more follow. Soon an hour passes before I even realize how much time passed.

The ‘nice’ features that YouTube has are the “suggestions” bar and the “trending” column. Even though I’m subscribed to more than 50 channels, there is only a certain amount of quality content that I can view, and usually I have already exhausted my videos. However, these two features have made it almost impossible to stop. YouTube’s learning algorithm is too good for us users, and in order to watch the content, we mindlessly soak in advertising.

Sometimes I wish there was an ‘addon’ for the app that removes these features and give me back those hours just mindlessly watching videos on YouTube. Maybe when Apple finally gives us that power to the developers — or at least make jailbreaking easier to do.

It is also annoying that the new version of YouTube autoplays the next video in the suggestion bar. Just another way YouTube wants us to watch more YouTube (so they can earn more ad revenue).купить ледобур для рыбалкигде получить справку пндОлександр Васильович ФільчаковАлександр Фильчаковинтернет магазин двери для вас входные и межкомнатные двери

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