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Installing Ubuntu on Chromebook (ASUS C201 11.6 Inch)

The Chromebook I have has the not so great stats. I thought it would be worth my time to see if it was possible to install Ubuntu 12.04 on my computer. Turns out it wasn’t. Especially for my laptop, it simply didn’t have the speed fast enough to run it smoothly. The main goal was to install Atom, a text editor for me to use, however, I’m getting a lot of errors (more on that here).

Anyway, if you must, here is what I did to install Ubuntu on Chromebook: [[There are many good tutorials out there, so if this is too convoluted, just google “How to install ubuntu on Chromebook” and you get some good tutorials.]]

This is a simplification, google each thing if it seems confusing.

  1. Get your Chromebook into developer mode

    • Hold [ESC] [REFRESH] and [POWER] on the top row of the Chromebook
    • Press Ctrl + D. It will then ask you to confirm entering “Developer mode”
    • Wait a while (~5 mins)
    • Every time you boot, press Ctrl + D to skip the developer mode warning screen.
      • If you ever want to go back to a perfect Chromebook, follow the instructions on the warning screen to reset your device
    • It’s going to delete all your files in the downloads folder. BE WARNED.
  2. Use crouton to install Ubuntu

  3. How to run Ubuntu

    • Anytime you want to start Ubuntu open up crosh (Ctrl + Alt+T) and type “shell” (no quotes) + enter to enter “shell.” Then:
    • Now tap on the icon of the extention you installed in Step 2 until the screen opens.
  4. Errors?????… IF

    • Attempting to “startxfce4” gives you “fatal server error: no screens found”

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