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Commonly Misspelled Words (Mispelled game)

In February of 2016, I published an app called Mispelled (It’s free on the AppStore). The goal of the game is quite simple, determine whether or not a word is misspelled or correct. Now half a year later, I’ve looked back at the data that I’ve collected.

The game is quite simple. You are given a word and there are two buttons you can press titled “MISPELLED” and “CORRECT.” Three wrong answers and the game ends. It gets harder as you have less and less time to determine whether a word is misspelled or not.

Future thoughts:

The dataset is still very small, and I’d like for more people to play it and test their skill. This will make sure the results are accurate. I also plan to add more words into the mix, but we’ll see if that ever comes to fruition


What does the dataset look like?

There is a list of around 180 commonly misspelled words, and for each one, I added a commonly misspelled spelling which added up to around 350 words that the game tested. In the set below, we find the “Percentage Correct” which is [the # of times correctly identified as misspelled or correct spelling] over [the total # of tries].

Unfortunately, there was only around 200 unique users (that data size is way too small!) and only 47937 questions asked so far (Around 150 tests per word). Therefore, the variance will be quite high. ~3007 unique games

It’s interesting that the same words ‘judgement’ vs ‘judgment’ have wildly different correct identification rates. Only 17% correctly identified ‘judgement’ as wrong, but 64% correctly identified ‘judgment’ as right. And Harrass… I had to spell check to figure out if it was a right or wrong word. (Hint: It’s wrong)

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