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Category: Programming

Force Selenium to not load images [Ruby]

Sometimes it is unnecessary to load images in my selenium scripts. It takes time for the images (especially large ones) to load and messes up my sleep functions. Here’s how to prevent it from loading. There are more options and it’s listed in the All Profile Options link. :P

Finding the Right Model (Multinomial NB, RNN, SGDClassifier)

Part of this entire writeup Goal Find a model to accurately predict a relevant XKCD given multiple words (a reddit comment). This essentially gave me a bunch of positively single-labeled data since each comment usually only had one “relevant XKCD” sub-comment attached. Example: Searching “Python” would return XKCD comics that…

Reddit Relevant XKCD

So I embarked on a machine learning quest as a senior project. With all these advances in AI, I wanted to have some fun myself :P. You can view it here. I was inspired by Dan Zhang and Megan Ruthven’s Relevant XKCD finder. They used ExplainXKCD to populate their dataset. It’s…