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Category: Drawing

Wake Up

Bam! A loud sound startles you, jolting you immediately into consciousness. You feel the hard wood desk pressing against your face. Slowly lifting your head, you open your eyes to the bright light of day and the situation falls into place. Your eyes meet with the teacher’s, and you quickly…

Paper or tablet

It is a tough decision, whether to draw on paper or on a tablet. I personally love drawing on paper, it feels real and natural, easy and quick. I rarely make errors with pencils, unlike with a stylus. I’m definitely more accustomed to drawing on paper than on the tablet,…


  Wow, I constantly forgot the joys and the pains of drawing. It is something that is exciting and depressing at the same time. A picture, imagined to be life-like, drawn for abstraction, but eventually finished as an painting in-between the real and the abstract. It is always fun to…

Merry Christmas

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